Inden is a general term of products which are made by deer skin and lacquer.

The origin of Inden dates back to 17th century, East India Company exported it to Japan.
The features of Inden are deerskin and lacquer, it was used for purses and cigarette cases in Edo era.
300years has passed since Edo era,but quality and skill has been succeeded for generations.
Now Inden make accessary like wallet, key case and pass case.(Pics 1)
Deerskin, which is main material of Inden product is strong and soft, so you can keep it for a long time and fit you easily.
lacquer, which is made from tree is use for many traditional product and the more you use it, the more luster it is.
The conbination of colors and paint of deerskin and lacquer makes hundreds of product variation.(pics2)
From cute for ladies to smart of mens, from casual to formal,
You can find what you want and it’s good for present and souvenir.



Tenugui is like towels, both products are made by cotton but weaved by different way.
towels are softer and better water absorptive.
But because of this features, towels are bulky and doesn’t dry easily.
So tenugui is good for summer season and recently tenugui is use for interior.
People hang tenugui on a wall of entrance or parlor or people use tenugui for wrapping goods.
People wrap wine bottles or tissue box and so on.